Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Submit Plan Button Greyed Out?

Usually this is because you are missing an essential pice of information.  Click for more...

Why Can't I Connect to NAIPS?

The most likely reason for this is your Internet Explorer web browser settings or an old version of the Command Flight Planner.

Why Does NAIPS Give Me a Missing Waypoints Error?

This usually occurs on IFR plans where either a departure or arrival navigation aid is missing.

Why Can't I Connect To My Garmin GPS Unit?

You should install or update your Garmin USB drivers, or use an alternate format.

How is Endurance Time Computed

Endurance time is the longest time the aircraft could be expected to stay airborne under planned conditions, assuming any alternate is used, all reserves are burnt, and including the extra cruise time any remaining fuel would give you.

How To: Export to Aera 500/795

The Garmin Aera range uses GPX files as the means of importing routes into the device.  Command Flight Planner can export a GPX file using the option on the File menu.