Why Can't I Connect to NAIPS?

If you are running a version of the Command Flight Planner prior to Version 6.8 then you will be unable to connect to NAIPS.   Airservices Australia altered their systems requiring changes to software using these systems, and these changes went into Command Flight Planner 6.8.   If your attempts to log in to NAIPS result in the display of a message like "NAIPS for Windows (NfW) has been dicontinued,"  then this is the problem and you will need to upgrade to repair it.

If you are running version 6.8 or later then read on.

A common cause of NAIPS connection problems is your Internet Explorer web browser settings. Command Flight Planner uses components of Internet Explorer to communicate with NAIPS over the Internet (This is true even if you use Firefox, Opera, or another browser yourself). Run Internet Explorer and check the following:

  • Select 'Tools' -> 'Internet Options'.
  • Click on the 'Settings' button in the middle right hand side of the window under 'Temporary Internet Files'. Ensure that any option other than 'Never' is selected, then click 'Ok'.  The default value is 'Automatically' and that should be adequate.
  • Click the 'Delete Files' button next to the 'Settings' button. Tick the box that says 'Delete all offline content' and click 'Ok'.   If that option is not visible then you should delete "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies".  This may take a minute or so to complete if you have a lot of browsing material accumulated on your system.  More information on these processes can be found on Microsoft support pages:
    • Click on the 'Privacy' tab at the top of the 'Internet Options' window, and ensure that it is set to 'Medium', 'Low'  or 'Accept all cookies'. Click 'Ok' to close the 'Internet Options' window.
    • Select the 'File' menu and ensure that there is NO tick next to 'Work Offline' (near the bottom of the menu).

    Close Internet Explorer... assuming you have entered your correct username and password for NAIPS (this is not the same as your Command Software password) and that your other settings are correct per the user guide, everything should now work properly!

    If you have any further problems, disable any internet security products you have (such as Norton Internet Security) as these have been known to incorrectly block legitimate sites including NAIPS if the blocking levels are set too harshly. After you ascertain this is a problem, you can re-enable it and adjust the product's settings.