A version for the Mac or iPad?

Mac support is one of the most requested extensions for Command Flight Planner. Requests for support of phone devices are also becoming more common.

We currently have no offering to run in the Mac OS X environment as a native application. Command Flight Planner will run on Mac Intel hardware using either Boot Camp to boot the machine as a Windows-only PC, or Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or VirtualBox [free] to run Windows in a virtual machine on the Mac desktop. However, these options require a Windows licence and installation on your Mac hardware (Essentially: install VirtualBox, then Windows in a virtual machine, then CFP in Windows)

The Command Flight Planner is currently being rewritten, which will allow us to offer a Mac version. The task is a substantial undertaking because the existing code base is intimately tied to Microsoft products.  Essentially a complete rewrite of the CFP code and a substantial debugging process will be required.  There is no release date we can give yet.

We are looking at the possibility of offering other cross platform support.  Support for the iPhone/iPad may follow. Everything above regarding complete rewrite also applies to iPhone and iPad versions. However, there are additional substantial hurdles of both technical and commercial nature, unique to these devices, that would need to be sorted out before a product could come to market.

Some customers have reported that using Team Viewer on their iPad to remote control a PC has given them a usable solution for the occasional away-from-home stint. Team Viewer is 'free for personal use' software that can be downloaded from their website.