Navigation Rationalisation Project

The Navigation Rationalisation Project (NRP) is retiring a large number of navigation aids across the country. Most of the changes related to these aids are effective 26 May 2016. Routes, stored routes, and other features related to aid locations have been heavily revised. For more information refer to AIC H11/16.

The Command Flight Planner has been updated to detect when a loaded plan uses retired navigation aids and offer to automatically update waypoints according to the substitutions published by Airservices Australia, e.g. BIK VOR -> AKMIR. Where a substitution is not published, an unofficial waypoint named "NRP..." will be used to maintain the ground track of the original plan, e.g. WJS NDB -> NRPWJSNDB. These unofficial points will appear in flight notifications as latitude/longitude points, not by name.

Migrated plans must still be thoroughly checked.

Users in WA who manually created a user waypoint OTKUN to replace the retired Rottnest Is. navigation aid may wish to delete it before doing this update.