How Do I Install Command Flight Planner?

The following procedure applies to both the purchased and demonstration versions.

The steps are:

  • Download. Download the full install package for Command Flight Planner. Obtain the software from:
    • If you have purchased the software and your subscription is current log on to the Command Software website using your username and password. Click on the Software Updates link under the Members Menu heading to the right of the page. Then click on the download link under the Flight Planner heading.
    • To download the Command Software demonstration software go to the Aviation Software page and click on the Download Demo link next to the Buy Now button.
  • Save. Save the downloaded file to a location you will be able to find it later. Usually the My Documents folder (Windows XP), or Libraries Documents (Windows Vista/7) are good choices. The file will be called "InstallCFP3_XXX.exe" or "InstallCFP3_DemoXXX.exe" (where XXX is the latest version number).
  • Install. Install the program by double-clicking the "InstallCFP3_XXX.exe" file to launch the Command Flight Planner installer. The installation is a straightforward process from this point. Generally, the default values on each installer page are adequate.
  • Activate. The software prompts for activation when started.
    • If you have purchased the software, the necessary name, company, and serial number are available on your My Account page on the Command Software web site. The name and company details are case sensitive. 
    • The demonstration version will run for 14 days before requiring activation to continue.  Just click Continue Evaluation to use the software.
  • After Install.  There are two places in the Command Flight Planner that require user name and password details in order to function fully:
    • NAIPS.  Click "NAIPS Link" in the left tool bar, and then click "Setup" from the options in that group.  On this panel supply the user name and password you use to access the Airservices Australia NAIPS service and click "Save Settings".  Test the connection by clicking "Connect" in the left tool bar.
    • My Account.  If you have purchased the software click "My Account" in the left tool bar.  On this panel, top right, enter the user name and password you use for the Command Software web site and click "Retrieve My Data".  Providing these allows the program to check and download updates when you visit this panel.