Common NAIPS Errors and Solutions




You will need change your NAIPS password and provide a contact email address.  Accounts migrated by Airservices Australia from the old to new NAIPS were given an unannounced expiry date that has now expired.  You need to do one of:

  • Use the Password option under NAIPS Link in the Command Flight Planner to change your NAIPS password.  If you use this method the Command Flight Planner will update its stored password automatically.
  • Visit the Airservices Australia NAIPS Internet Service web page, log in, and reset your password/email address when prompted.   Your new password then needs to be inserted in the NAIPS Link ยป Setup panel in the Command Flight Planner.  You will need to install the new password into any other software using the same NAIPS account.



Then your NAIPS user name and/or password on the NAIPS Link Setup panel in Command Flight Planner is incorrect. Your password should be 7 or more characters long.  If your old NAIPS password was "1234" then your new NAIPS password will start out as "1234asa" but may have since expired (see previous error message).  NAIPS passwords are case sensitive.



Then your NAIPS account has been locked by Airservices Australia probably due to too many failed attempts to log in.  You may need to correct your password in Command Flight Planner's NAIPS Link Setup panel, and possibly contact Airservices Australia to have the account unlocked if it does not happen automatically after 15 minutes or so.

Note, only the "Connect" function checks for a barred password.  Even when this is reported by "Connect", other functions, such a Get Plan Briefing or Submit Notification should still function.


Info: Airservices records indicate correct aircraft type is [xxx]

Then Airservices Australia does not think the specified aircraft registration (e.g. VHABC) and aircraft type code (e.g. C152) match each other.  If you are operating an RA-Aus, Australian military, or foreign registered aircraft then this will be a constant issue.  Airservices Australia's idea of the ICAO type code for the aircraft may also be incorrect  (e.g. C182 rather than C82R for a Cessna R182): you can check here.  If you are certain the details are correct then the "Force Submit" or "Ignore reg/type mismatch" check box at the bottom of the notification form will instruct NAIPS to skip the check.


Info: Invalid content was found starting with element 'ndd:ssr-equip'.
One of '{"":surv-equip}'
is expected.

when submitting a notification you must switch to the new flight plan format by upgrading your Command Flight Planner to version 6.8.1 or later.


If you are receiving an error like "Logon failed" overlaid on a message like:

NAIPS For Windows (NfW) client software has been discontinued
The new NAIPS Internet Service (NIS) totally replaces the existing Pilot Briefing
website, NAIPS for Windows (NfW) and AIS/MET and is accessible at

Then you need to switch to the new NAIPS interface and the new flight plan format by upgrading your Command Flight Planner to version 6.8.1 or later