Update Service

Update Service

Keep your Flight Planner and official Australian aerodrome and airways information up to date with the annual updates service.

Important Notice

Command Software has teamed up with AvPlan EFB, to continue data update services for Command Flight Planner.  This means that you will be able to continue using your Command Flight Planner as normal, with access to air navigation data updates to continue beyond March 2017.

Your Command Flight Planner program relies on up to date information from official sources to perform at its best.  Keep your program up to date with this annual update service.

The annual update services includes:

  • Updates of Australian aerodrome, airway, and airspace data from Airservices Australia in line with Enroute Supplement Australia (ERSA) issue dates.
  • Access to download the latest version of the Flight Planner software and gain the benefit of new features and other improvements.

Price: $89.00